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NH ConsistoryCouncil of Deliberation

The Council of Deliberation is the governing body for Scottish Rite in the State of New Hampshire.  It is composed of the Active, Active Emeriti, and Honorary Members of the Supreme Council accredited to the State; the Past First and Second Lieutenant Commanders of the Council of Deliberation; the first three elected officers of the following Subordinate Bodies; along with the Past Commanders-in-Chief of New Hampshire Consistory; the Past Most Wise Masters of the four Chapters of Rose Croix in NH; the Past Sovereign Princes of the five Councils of Princes of Jerusalem; the Past Thrice Potent Masters of the five Lodges of Perfection; those members of the State's five Valleys who have received the Meritorious Service Award from the Council of Deliberation; as well as the Treasurer and Secretary of the Subordinate Bodies.  The Deputy for the State of New Hampshire presides, as ex officio Illustrious Commander-in-Chief.


Required Attendance

It is the duty of the first three officers together with those designated as members of the Council together with the treasurers and secretaries of all subordinated bodies to attend the meetings of the Council and to assist in promoting the welfare of the Rite.



Article 201 of the Constitutions of the Supreme Council provides for representation of members by proxy at Council of Deliberation meetings as follows:

"Any officer of a Subordinate Body of the Rite who shall be entitled to a seat in the Council of Deliberation for his State, but unable to be present at any session of such Council, may appoint as his proxy to act in his stead any member of such Subordinate Body, provided, however, that such proxy shall not represent more than one member of such Council."

Proxy forms are available from your Valley secretary's office or by clicking here.

The latest approved full Constitution for the New Hampshire Scottish Rite Council of Deliberation is available by clicking here. Changes to the Constitution are in process and should be posted soon.

A map of the Valleys that make up the Council is available here.


Bob Porter
Secretary of the NH Council of Deliberation:

Robert M. Porter, 33º
196 Main St, Ste 16
Nashua, NH 03060-2914

Next Meetings of the Council of Deliberation


Saturday, February 10, 2018
in Concord, NH

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Annual Convocation:

Saturday, June 2, 2018
in Concord, NH

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Deputy for Scottish Rite in NH
Active Member of Supreme Council
Officers of the COD
Committees of the COD


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